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Sell and buy used underwear on knickery! Of course you can also sell and buy worn socks, stockings, panties or other items. At knickery we bring buyers and sellers together and offer the best experience! People who have a penchant for worn underwear will find exactly the right platform to live it up! On knickery you can advertise and sell your products completely uncomplicated!


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How much money can I earn on Knickery?

How much money you earn at Knickery is up to you. The potential at Knickery is truly unlimited. At Knickery we have everything from hobby saleswomen to full-time saleswomen.

Of course you want to hear the numbers, don’t you? On average, our active sellers sell 8 items per month at an average price of 34€*. This results in a side income of 256€/month.

As I said, there are also many sellers who get well above this value.

*March 2023

How can I registrate on Knickery?

We have written you a detailed step-by-step guide and explain here how you can register with us and how you can also advertise products.

How to
How can I stay anonymous?

Use an anonymous email address as contact. So for example with your store name, or another fantasy name.

The Paypal or credit card payment address you use is only visible to us and does not appear anywhere!

We stick to our promise!

How can I buy products?

You can see all products from our sellers in the store. If you like an item, then simply contact the seller via the contact form. The seller will then contact you. After that you can work out all the details individually.

Am I anonymous as a buyer?

Yes! All processes Knickery is responsible for are absolutely anonymous! All data that you provide to us remains solely with us – nothing is passed on.

How much does Knickery cost for me as a buyer?

Knickery is completely free for our buyers and we also do not keep any commission on the purchase of products.

Why used underwear turn men on ..

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As often, is begins with human evolution. Many aphrodisiac active ingredients are anchored in smells, as well as in worn underwear. The increasing trend to remove body hair and excessive washing and the application of artificial fragrances covers these pheromones, which are important for human pleasure. In addition to the tabooing of the inclusion of natural (female) fragrances, our desire is limited by the lack human scents. A woman’s scent has made men excited for as long as we have been around. It is all natural, only time was required to buy items such as worn socks, worn underwear, and worn shoes online. The trend shows a clear line: Taboos no longer seem to be able to prevail in our time. In a wide variety of areas, people get back to what they really want. And the desire for fetish items and worn underwear and panties is undeniable for many men.

Do you want to sell your used underwear too?

With us you can earn money from home with little effort. How much money can you make online at Knickery? You decide! Depending on what and how much you want to offer, and how good and popular your products are. Create an extra income and make money from home. We are happy to help if you need support!

Knickery Blog

The answer to the question why the business with worn underwear is worthwhile .. .. and why you should sell your used underwear too.

Our generation is accompanied by a change. A change in the understanding of what makes us happy and what is allowed and not allowed. Our time is freed from old constraints, and this kind of liberation is good for us human beeings. Always existing desires can now be lived, and the market for sell and buy used underwear or used toys allows many people to earn money. Jessy was part of the very beginning, when it started with the business of selling worn panties and worn socks and shoes. She was one of our first members. The good contact and the good support from Knickery prompted her to write a short report on the recent past. Read what Jessy has to tell you.

A report from Jessy

Hello, I’m Jessy and I’m studying to be a teacher in Vienna. I’m originally from Tyrol, from a small town. Life in Vienna has opened up many new perspectives for me and with it, many possibilities that I would not have considered before because I simply wasn’t aware of them. At that time, I started to sell my used underwear privately in order to earn money. Just a little – I didn’t think I’d make such a fortune with it. Selling the worn underwear and shoes through a supplier like Knickery offers many advantages: There is a lot of demand through Knickery, so I can sell a lot more. The support always helps if there are problems and everything can be handled securely, confidentially and anonymously via Knickery. I now finance my own car and enjoy many benefits that I couldn’t have afforded before. And the best part is, that it doesn’t cost me a lot of effort. I don’t have to get up early for the money, it hardly takes any effort, and I earn the money without really having to work for it. I can make money in my spare time and can make money outside of work.

Jessy, 23 – one of our first and most loyal members. Thank you Jessy for your trust and your report

Do the math.

Numbers do not lie. Think of the experience of Knickery and its members made in the last time and make your decision.


Men are potentially interested in buying used underwear like panties, socks and also shoes and sex toys.


65% percent of our seller earn more than 200€ per month with Knickery, about 20% more than 350€.


.. of the members who tried Knickery with doubts in first are now part of the ones who earn more than 200€ per month.

You want to learn more about selling used underwear and slips? Then read this article!