How to increase sales 

Here you will find advice from Knickery on how to increase sales, to support you and your shop.

Proper pics make the difference

First of all, one of the most important advice for our sellers on how to increase sales: It is important for potential buyers to have an erotic idea of you and your products. Show the products where you wear them. Show some skin, not just the products alone. Our sellers have had the best experiences with this. You are welcome to get inspiration from other sellers.

Make people aware of your products

Make your own accounts on social media (Instagram, TikTok,…) to advertise a few products there. Also use hashtags that describe your product. You can then link to our site from your profile. This way you are guaranteed to get many inquiries!

Product Diversity

The more products you offer, the higher the more likely it is to meet the taste of the shop visitors. Be creative and put a few more products online in your shop.

Make more than 1 picture per product

To excite the customers’ senses, take more than just a single picture. Use another perspective, show the products where you wear them, in the mirror, directly without a mirror. There are no limits to your imagination. It is important that you only show as much as you want.

Add a personal touch

Give your products personality and add an individual description. Start with some information about yourself, say something about the products, where and for what occasions you wear them. The description doesn’t need to be too long, a few lines per article should be enough.

Any further questions?

Visit our FAQ page! We have answered the most important questions for you there. You can get to the FAQ page HERE!

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