Guide for our Seller


Let’s start with the first point of the Guide for our Seller:

On the very top, you can see the “Sell now” Button. Press here to register and get started

You can also click HERE to register.


Here you can set your email address, password an shop name. We recommend to set a fictional email address (which doesn’t include parts of your name) to remain anonymous.


Now this is the point where you can set products. In your ‘Dashboard’ you select ‘Products’ (1) and ‘Add new product’ (2).


Make some good pictures and add them into the image boxes. You set your main product image, which is shown first, in the big square (1) and every additional image in the smaller one bellow (2).
You can also enhance the value of your product by adding a description of you and your product.

There is a “Contact seller” area right beside every of your products. Customers can write a request to you, which will appear in your email client.

Selling used underwear – information to get you started:

  • The better your pictures, the better your sales! (Use erotic images for this, but not pornographic images (FSK 18!)
  • For the best experience for your customer, send the items airtight (e.g. ZIP bags)
  • We recommend the following prices:
    • Slips/Panties: 30-60 €
    • Socks: 20-40 €
    • Stockings: 30-70 €
    • Shoes: 30-100 €
    • Make sure to consider the purchase price of your product!
    • Note that you can charge a higher price for products that you have worn for longer!
If you have any further questions, please contact us by email: – we are glad to help you!

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