Advantages of Knickery

Your personal advantages of Knickery in just a few minutes!

You might have asked yourself what Knickery makes the best in market? Well, this is where you get your answer. Your advantages of Knickery!
However, we got our standards very high, and in the following points you’ll see, that selling worn underwear not even brings you a possibility to earn money online, but also to have fun and great experience.

Convince yourself of the advantages of Knickery – the best in market.

More money for you!

On of the advantages of knickery: With us you earn much more money than with the competition. You neither pay any kind of registration fee, nor you pay any commission – you get the entire sales price of your products!

Personal support

Why you should sell used underwear on Knickery? One of our most important concerns has always been our personal support, which each of our sellers can take advantage of. We are happy to help you from setting up the shop to increasing sales.

Anonymity and discretion

Nowhere else has anonymity such a high value than as it is in this market. We live discretion and stand for data security. Sell your products securely and anonymously on Knickery.


We know this business can feel exciting a lot, especially at the beginning. To create a proper market place with serious sellers and serious customers is where we get our motivation from. Our goal is to create a atmosphere, were both sellers and customers can feel safe and comfortable. 

why selling used underwear on Knickery brings many advantages to you

Start selling now

It’s very simple: with us you don’t pay any commission. With us, you already have more money from the first item you sell compared to any other marketplace for used underwear. As an example: You sell a pair of worn panties for € 25. With a 20% commission (common commission for competitors, sometimes higher), that would be 5 €, which you have to give away to your market host. And that over and over again with every item sold. We can do better: With us you 100% of your sales. So it is very easy to earn good money at Knickery by selling worn panties and socks. Simply sell worn underwear from home – with the best supplier in the market. 



These are your next steps:

  • Create your free account.
  • Create your product – The button on the right shows you how to add products
  • Earn money with your used underwear.

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